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Married to the Military recently wrote a post titled The History of Us. After attending her grandmother's 80th birthday party, she discovered many new things about her family history. A part of that history included her great-grandfather's Navy service. She's posted great pictures and back story. Go check it out!

Under the Sea wrote about something that hit home for me. Her post titled thoughtful... touches on the guilt that our spouses sometimes feel for "taking us away" from our family and friends. I know that over the last nineteen years, JD has felt this guilt on many occasions. All that I can ever do is reassure him that when I married him, it was my choice and I've never regretted it; I knew what I was getting into. Well, kind of...

Finally, over at Tucker & Swiss there is an AWESOME post about preparing for retirement. It is full of information about appointments, paperwork, more appointments, and more paperwork! The whole idea of retirement, while exciting, can also be scary and overwhelming. This information could be really helpful!

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