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It took me wwwaaaaayyyyyy too long to get ready to start living ahealthier lifestyle, so it is no surprise it has taken me a few weeks toget myself in gear to write this post.  In addition to outshining mysailor husband's potty mouth, I possess the ProcrastinatorExtraordinaire Super Power

Below is a picture of some of the SpouseBUZZ authors from just a fewweeks ago.  We were attending the Change of Command ceremony for SemperFi Wife's husband.  Marine Wife was stopping in the area on her pcsadventures and Sarah, her mom and her adorable little girl were drivingback from their vacation adventures.  Airforcewife and I bothbrought our kids along with fingers crossed about their behavior. Ibrought the stroller jail for my oldest and my (handmade by me!) mei taicarrier for the youngest. 


I have never been a fan of pictures with me in them, but Iespecially don't like seeing myself resembling a blob more than aperson.  We are our own harshest critics to be sure, but having alreadylost a lot of weight once in my life, knowing I need to do it again isjust a wee bit upsetting.  And somehow I think the two kids and extra decade are going to make the process a bit more involved.

Airforcewife and I live relatively close to one another and althoughwe are quite wimpy about it, we try to brave DC traffic to see eachother.  Each time I see her she has shrunk some more!  She loves boxingand has told me repeatedly to go down and take a class with her.  

At theFt Hood SpouseBUZZ Live this spring I held the pads while she punchedand even got to punch a bit too.  I think I would enjoy it.  The truthis that I am not really the sort who wants to work out and lookuncoordinated and get sweaty in front of people.  Even strangers.  Itgives me the heebie jeebies.  The fact that I am working out daily withmy husband is kinda a big deal in my book.  So, even though there is a LA Boxing relatively close to me, Iwanted to go a different route. 

There are so many inspirationalmilitary spouses out there.  Even if we narrow the scope of theirawesomeness to fitness.  Andrea at Sgt & Mrs. Hubs and Sara at When in Rome are just two of the milspouses out there who do crossfit.  Who make mewant to do crossfit.  Seadaddy has done some of the crossfit workoutswith one of his old gym buddies.  For a while we were leaning towardsgetting the necessary equipment to do crossfit at home. 

Then Seadaddy's sponsor at his new command started talking to himabout p90x and we decided to go that way.  We are following their eatingguidelines as well as doing the exercises.   I am loving it.  Or I amloving how very much I hate it.  I never knew there were so manydifferent kinds of pushups.  And I still can't do any of them reallywell, but I know that will change and I am looking forward to it.  Because I am an app addicted dork, I really love having the Eat Right 90 app to help me keep track of my daily portions for each food group during the different phases of the program.  And I love the app Daily Burn (that airforcewife first told me about) to record more specifically the foods I eat and track my weight and inches.  Before starting the program I had lost ten pounds from the highestnumber I saw on the scale, so I was already going the right direction. In my first week and a half working out and eating within the guidelinesI lost thirteen pounds.  I was kinda shocked.  I have a lot more to goand in the beginning the weight comes off quicker but I still smileseeing a lower number on the scale.I can't wait until I don't have to do cheats or substitutions oncertain moves or take an extra break.  Although I am pretty positive Iwill never like Yoga. Except for the corpse pose.  I can do a mad crazygood corpse pose.  So my questions are - which milspouse bloggers out there inspire youwith their health and fitness posts?  What kind of program or trainingworks best for you?  Do you have any tips on how to take that first stepto get started?  Up next I'll be getting into what happens when you leave for a twoweek road trip right after starting a strict diet and exercise plan.  Show Full Article

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