Back in the sister 'hood!


I've spent the past 2 years in Civilian Land. There's nothing wrong with that. But there was no military base, no commissary, no Exchange, none of the support and services we're used to having available whether we use them or not. But mostly, there were veryfew military spouses. Of all the things I missed, the camaraderie and support that only another military spouse can offer waswhat I missed the most.

Afterour recent PCS, I've landed inthe land of milk ofhoney. Not only am I back on a military installation, but I'm in an apartment building. I knowsome of you are shuddering right now so hear me out. My kids have other military brats near their age to play with CONSTANTLY (which makes getting grounded a punishment with real bite now). I'm surrounded by other spouses to motivate, support and commiserate with me. I have people to put down as emergency contacts! I have cohorts withwhomto find trouble adventures.

Just this evening, I walked 2 miles with 3 neighbors. Not only were those 2 miles that I might not have walked left to my own devices, but that time was also spent just talking and sharing. It was hot, sweaty, and fabulous.

Keeping in mind that I've been starved for just this sort of thing for the past 2 years, someone please remind me of how much I wanted this if I start complaining about living in a fishbowl before our year here is up! I also realize that part of theappeal of the way we're living right now is just how temporary it is. For now, I'm just enjoying being back in the 'hood, the sister 'hood (and yes, that includes all you male spouses out there!)

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