"Time To Move On"


It's time to move on, time to get goingWhat lies ahead, I have no way of knowingBut under my feet, baby, grass is growingIt's time to move on, it's time to get going

When my husband and I packed up and left for our first duty station, we were leaving the town we'd lived in for six years. The town where we met. The town where we dated. The town where we got our first apartment as a married couple and began our life together.

The town that was our home.

As we pulled out of town, my husband said he had something for me. He put in a CD and queued up Tom Petty's "Time To Move On." I brushed tears out of my eyes and he smiled at me and said it was time to get going...

Now every time we PCS, this CD is one of the things I make sure to take out of the household goods before the packers come. And we play it each time we get going. Each time we have no way of knowing what lies ahead.

When I heard the song today, I realized that next year when we PCS, our new daughter will be with us as we play that song leaving town. She will join in on our family PCS tradition. I like that.

Do you have any PCS traditions?

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