I think I've been "Sis-Bro'd"


This week while participating in a symposium for women moving into executive positions, I had the great opportunity to introduce them to our family of Military Spouses, using SpouseBUZZ.What a great time and a marvelous experience. For you new to these pages, Welcome!

Along the way we were immersed this weekin ideas and concepts that gave all of us better tools to put in our toolkit. We addressed the spectrum of feelings and emotion, from the joys of learning myriad ways to support people,to the feeling the pain of loss of a loved one and as importantly, what you do ...next.

At the conclusion of the week, they were granted access to a self-described Sisterhood, but within a tick-tock realized that obviously, I couldn't be a full dues paying member of this team ... obviously. So they made me an honorary Sister, and renamed themselves and welcomed me to "Sis-Bro" ... you may snicker, but when you've eaten nothing other than 6.3 pounds of peanut M&M's over the course of a week, you get that way ...

I welcome them to our pages and if we can coax them into it, we should be seeing some new names in our neck of the blogosphere. To you all, thank you for the education you gave me this week and thank you for reaffirming the needs and the responsibilities of the mil-spouse. We are one. You will all be welcomed here at SpouseBUZZ, as you will see it really iswhere Military Spouses Connect. Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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