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I had the opportunity to meet and chat with a very dear friend that has weathered the changes of being a milspouse with me -- as we're both guys married to active duty women. I asked -- if you could, what would you say to those in the blogosphere about -- milspouse life?

Being the articulate, succinct, and totally understated kind of guy (unlike the Toad) he simply said:

"Focus on controlling what you can. Don't try or spend the effort trying to change or work those issues beyond your control. Wastes time, wastes energy ... that could be spent on those things like family, friends and what many of us forget ... taking a bit of time to spend on ourselves."

So while many of us are saddened that we couldn't be at Ft Hood for SpouseBUZZ Live this weekend, I know that I'm focused on what I CAN control and will plan on being at SBL in May '10. For those of you still thinking about whether to go or not --- Focus! Make the trip to the venue! SBL is a wonderful time for everyone! O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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