Doing Delivery Alone


Reader SJ left a comment on Doing Pregnancy Alone:

Readingall of your responses makes me feel a little bit more comfortable abouthaving a baby while my husband is gone. We have been talking abouttrying and he would be gone about half way through. This definitelymakes the decision a little easier. I just hope he can manage to comehome before I have the baby, I dont know what I would do if we wasntthere for the delivery.

My husband and my baby are in a race against the clock. My husband thinks he will get permission to go home two days or so before my due date. It's a toss up who will arrive first. I have contingency plans in the back of my mind in case he's not here, and I keep telling myself not to get too hopeful that he will arrive in time just in case he doesn't.

Many of you have had babies alone during deployment. Do you have any advice to put SJ and me at ease? Did a family member or friend take on the role of birth partner? Did you get a doula? How did you get the news to your husband when you went into labor or once the baby was born?

I'd like to hear your stories...and give you an attagirl for doing it alone!

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