Decorating Envy


My name is She of the Sea, and I have decorating envy.

This is a problem that attacks me every once in a while. Yesterday, I was at the house of a civilian friend. They have lived in this house for more than 5 years and intend to be there for a long time. And it is decorated beautifully. Not fancy schmancy decorated, but it is obvious that effort has been put into making this a warm and comfortable home. All the rooms are painted a color that makes sense. All the windows have proper window treatments. There is no extraneous furniture, or empty spaces calling out for something to fill them. It is a home of someone who doesn't move all the time.

I know there are military spouses who pull into a new home, paint, sew and do their magic instantaneously. I'm not one of them. We've been here for 18 months and I still have those disposable paper blinds on most of my windows. (Courtesy of the previous occupants, even.) And with orders expected soon, I'm poorly motivated to start sewing now. There are rooms that need painting. There is senseless furniture stuck in odd places.

I long to live in a home that looks nice. I'm sure I could do it, but it seems a poor use of both time and money to knock myself out making this house just so when next year is going to bring another house, and a few years later, who knows? I don't know if it is realism or a defeatist attitude, but I know I'm not alone.

(And if any of you are studying interior design and/or curtain making, I live in Maryland. And I cook.)

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