Time to get off the pot


We have almost been in our home for a year now.

There are are a couple of problems, and I will take responsibility for them.

Some of my pictures are still wrapped up.


First off I am not a decorator, it makes me anxious. (I come by this naturally, I lived in my parents home for years with bare white walls) Do I really want that there? Do I really want to punch a hole in my freshly painted wall only to hate the location of this?

I realize this is ridiculous, and I know some of you all relish getting pictures up to make the house look like home.

We actually donated about 40% of our wall hangings before this last move. Contending that neither of us were in love with any of them, so why would we want to stare at them every day.

I have decided that I will finish unwrapping art this week, I should look and see what we have at least. Right?

Plus I can always fix the holes. Right?

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