The Sweetest Thing


I think one of the best parts of being a military spouse is the romance. Seriously, the long separations, the reunions, the months without....even touching. Well it makes the heart ache, but it seems to turn up the mush factor .

One of the most romantic things I have ever received in the mail, (well other than a marriage proposal...which was the most amazing piece of written correspondence to date) was my then-fiancee's arms traced. He wanted to send me a hug, so he traced his arms, taped the sheets together and mailed them to me.

I was reading this blogger tonight and was reminded how lucky we are to know these men, these men who adore us, and hide gifts ahead of time, and have listened to our voices ache with miles of ocean between us.

We are a blessed bunch. I really do want to hear about the most amazing piece of mail you have ever received!

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