Links for Hampton Roads Milspouses


I promised several of the Hampton Roads spouses that I would post a few links for their reference. Below are the links which we discussed:

The SpouseBUZZ Blog Series: Under One Roof:

Part I - Blog It Don't Hog It: Nobody has a monopoly - This Land is Your Land.

Part II - I Want a Blog, But How Do I Do It?: Make it Happen!

Part III - Privacy Concerns: Loose Lips Sink Ships...

Part IV: Networking: It's Who You Know - Work it, Baby!

Part V: Blog Etiquette: Mind Your Manners.

Part VI: Blog Bling: Strut Your Stuff.

The Military Spouse Network, where you can create your own spouse hubs.

And, I'll add another resource, the lovely and bright Sue Hoppin, who many of you met in Hampton Roads this weekend, maintains the spouse blog for MOAA. You can find it here.

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