Who Knew?

I bought this book several months ago, and never got around to reading it. On my way out to Tacoma, I decided to dive in, and boy was this book helpful. Moving is stressful on people, but those of us with pets know about the added stress placed on our pets during a move.

There happens to be a chapter in 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat on moving. It's titled, "Smooth Moves." One tip caught my eye.

Rub a slightly damp towel on your cat's back and then rub it on the walls, floors and furniture inside the new home. When your cat recognizes his own scent, he will be less anxious.

Wow - never heard that before. Our cats have always had a harder time adjusting to a new home than our dog did, but it makes sense that this tip would work for dogs, too. Ask your vet about this.

Par for the course, I find this tip after multiple moves spanning years and years. Ah well, better late than never.... I highly recommend the book, which you can order here for as little as fifty-four cents! It's loaded with great tips. In fact, I'm going to try to get in touch with the author and invite her on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio to talk about acclimating your pet to a new environment. Hey look, she's a blogger, too.

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