Tied to Technology

Several things have happened this week that make me realize how dependent I am on modern technology.  Between the computer, the cell phone, and even the cordless phone, I've gotten used to being able to work pretty efficiently.  Can't find the recipe for my favorite Salsa Chicken?  Google it.  Want to call my mother from Target?  Cell phone.  Want to put a telephone where there is no plug?  Snazzy newfangled multi-phone system that requires only one phone jack for the whole shebang.

Now, I know that there are many of you who are using this newtechnology even more than I am.  I don't have an iPhone (though I'mtempted), I haven't yet ventured into the land of IMs (though that iscoming very soon), and I've only just figured out this Facebook thing(though I wonder why I waited so long.)  The technology that I haveadapted makes me life so much easier, and allows me to declutter myhouse at the same time.  I've gotten rid of most of my cookbooks, askedcompanies to send me electronic statements instead of adding more paperto my house, and I don't even keep telephone books anymore.

I'm pretty sure that there is a downside to all this technologythough.  Last week, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting anyphone calls.  Seems that I'd knocked the one important power plug forthe fancy phones out of the wall when I was cleaning.  I regularlyforget to charge my cell phone, and then I can't call my sistersbecause I don't actually know their phone numbers.  Yesterday, I washaving some serious internet issues.  I couldn't work, I couldn't paybills, and I sure couldn't make Salsa Chicken.  For a brief moment, Imissed the days of regular mail, cookbooks and going to an office whereI worked with people and paper instead of electrons and email.  I gaveup on accomplishing anything, took advantage of my husband's presence,and went out to lunch. 

Thankfully, I figured out the phone problem, my mother actuallyknows my sisters' phone numbers, and the internet seemed to have fixeditself in my absence.  Life has returned to normal, 2008.

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