It's almost that time ...

Time Hack: 0115MST. 

In just under two hours, in Paris France, it'll be 1100 hours.  Bells will ring.  All of the old, and hopefully many of the young will stop.  They must.  Cease Fire.  Western Front. 1918. 

And though I could go into myriad accounts for what followed politically, one thing remained constant.  The warrior answered the call, bore the burden and fought the fight. 

In about nine hours, I will get one more chance to return to a small town armory to see those I haven't seen in 365 days.  They are my friends whom I'd never met, they are my compadres with whom I'd never rode,  yet we are sisters and brothers who all answered the call.  To them, I once again say Thank You.

To each of you with "a dog in the fight," I repeat my prayer for the speedy and safe return of your warriors, to your arms.

O&O, MaintenaceToadOne

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