Murphy's Law on TDY Dates

I've written before about my husband's "main holiday miss".  Our miss is usually Halloween.  He's managed to make two Halloweens since 1998 (last year being the second).  He's going to be away again this Halloween. 

We're used to it, although it's sad.  We really go all out and celebrate Halloween with age appropriate scary movies all month, pumpkin patch visits, and the like.

He's missed Easter, he's missed our anniversary, he's missed Thanksgiving.  He's missed many birthdays and he's missed several Fourths of July. 

There's one holiday season Air Force Guy NEVER misses, though. 

Before I tell you straight out when AFG is always home, I'm going to tell you that my husband will not eat fish of any form.  He hates fish.  He's not allergic to fish, but he hates it so much that the mere smell will have him retching loudly. 

This has been a battle during our marriage, because I love fish.  My Pop used to go fishing in the mountains and then fry up fresh battered trout.  Oh, yum!  Delicious!  Wonderful!

And I can't eat it while AFG is around.

So when is AFG always home?  Lent.  Yes, Lent.  And as a family that observes the Friday strictures during Lent, it is quite frustrating.  Of all the times for him to never deploy or go TDY!  Honestly!  I grew up with Friday fish sticks.  My kids get grilled cheese.  You know how irritating grilled cheese gets week in and week out?  Yep. 

Just one more way Murphy has made himself known in the Air Force Family.

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