My life? Interesting?

In the past week I have had 3 people tell me I have an interesting life.  As I have been getting to know more of my co-workers and chatting with some of my kids' day camp counselors, apparently I have an "interesting" life. 

I have been contemplating a post about how I feel I "live a double life" for months but wasn't sure it would come across the right way.  But after this week, I must share what I have been thinking.  And maybe some of you feel the same way?

I am a military spouse in a non-military community.  I have lived here for two years and have been working in the same place for the past 19 months.  As a therapist I don't share much about my life with my clients, as that is not ethical.  I share bits and pieces with them to let them know how I can identify with some of their struggles.  But for the most part, my working days are spent delving into the lives of my clients and helping them sort through their struggles.

So when co-workers (or anyone other than a client) start to ask questions about my life, I answer their questions without much thought about how my life may seem "interesting" to them.  But apparently it does.  Which is cool, but a bit strange for me because I consider myself to be leading a "normal" (whatever the heck that means) life.

The double-life factor comes in to play here because, for the most part, I am known as a mother and wife and therapist in my community.  But then I have a completely other world of being a MILITARY spouse of a wounded soldier who just happens to be part of an amazing organization called Soldiers Angels and who just happens to write (when I can) on a blog for military spouses and often gets phone calls or e-mails from other spouses or parents of wounded soldiers.

And I LOVE both "lives!"  I do think that military families have interesting lives that our non-military counterparts can't even begin to understand.  But when it comes to me, personally, I think my life is just as interesting as anyone else's (military or not).

Do any of you feel like you lead a "double life" of some sort?  Tell us about it!!!

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