Queen Bee

  When I lived in Cairo, I met a gal from the FBI.  We became fast friends and did everything together.  Let's call her Queen Bee.

We were a little more adventurous in running around the city than most and the benefit was all that we got to see and do. 

Like the time we drove out to the Sakkara pyramid complex south of Cairo and bribed an Antiquities official to let us see the last mummy still on site.  Down a rickety ladder we went with this giggling official. I made Queen Bee go first.

"You go first and if there's any trouble, I'll run for help"  Heh...  At the bottom of the ladder, there he was, this mummified Egyptian in all his glory.  He was wrapped completely with one exception.  He, apparently, fathered many, many children and as a tribute to his accomplishments, his package wasn't packaged.  That fact explained why the official was giggling like a schoolgirl.  Good times, people, good times.

Over the next 4 or 5 years, Queen B went from foreign country to foreign country.  She called me on one of her trips home to tell me where her next adventure would be.  Baghdad.

The Queen ended up staying there for 19 months total.  On other assignments, she'd bring home interesting trinkets like Indian Barbie Dolls, Turkish ceramics, Pashmina shawls, etc.  THIS trip, my dear friend brought home a fiancee.  An Air Force fiancee.

Within a three day period, she became an Air Force spouse and the COW (CO's wife).  It's hard to imagine all the things she's going to deal with but she's more than up to the challenge.  Remember, she was the first one down that rickety ladder.

Welcome to the sisterhood, Queen Bee.   

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