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So, after a week's hiatus (Swim team summer season is OVER, YAY!), I have to ask seriously how many of you are braving the summer heat and humidity and keeping up on your fitness regimen?  At least a little?

I know how hard it is, I am trying, but I had a carb attack this week.  I just can't, can't say away from the Fig Newtons forever.  They are so good.

So I have to give myself a pep talk:

1)  Another pair of shorts is ready to fall off my butt!  The magic formula seems to be wearing them to mass.  I'm going to have to wear these to mass every week until they genuflect themselves. 

2)  I'm now lifting 25 pounds on each side throughout my weight workout.  Yes, I know the thought that I'm still using the "girlie weights" will cause untold amounts of laughter to peal from my husband's gut.  But I started out using eight pounds weights.  And underneath the stubborn chub that won't go away, my arms are looking pretty darn good!

3)  I fit into a pre-pregnancy bra for the first time in, oh, ten years or so.  My girlies are looking perky again!  According to Fitness magazine, chest exercises do wonders for this.  I've been doing a lot of chest exercises.

I've got another 300 mile round trip drive today to pick up the kid from camp, so McDonald's siren call will be playing loudly in my ear.  I'm going to recite these three things to try and keep me on track.  Also, I'm packing cherries to snack on.  The wonderful Nikki of Nikki Fitness informed me that I don't have to worry about how many cherries I eat, and they are so good! 

Speaking of Nikki, if you missed last week's interview with her on SpouseBUZZ radio, you really missed out!  She had some great pointers, some great facts, and she's just all around fun to talk to!

Okay folks, time to get back on the wagon!  Give yourself a pep talk in the comments!

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