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Did you cry last night?  I mean, I don't cry.  But let's just say that theoretically I could have cried at last night's Army Wives episode.

That returning MIA funeral at the end?  It did me right in.

But that wasn't all that happened this episode...

Trevor's home - and he's a hero.  He's even being put in for the Silver Star.  But it is not something he is comfortable with at all.

And you know, I recognized most of the military people I  know in Trevor's reaction.  How many times do they ignore what they have accomplished themselves?  They always tell you they have a buddy who has done more, or that they didn't do enough, or some other explanation.

They just don't seem to recognize how special they are.

Denise seems to be in for some trouble, too;  trouble she caused herself.  I don't really like the whole motorcycle storyline, although some of it is very valuable, because of the tremendous emphasis being placed on "officer's wives don't do that." 

WHATEVER.  This is not my Grandma's military.  I can think of several officer's wives I know who ride bikes.  It's fun.  Rank is on the shoulder of the service-member, not the spouse.  If anything, I think seeing her in the fun leathers might have sparked a surge of motorcycle buying among spouses.

I've heard Frank's words in my own husband, though; when he's gone and things at home are changing and he's not there to be a part of the change.  It's hard for them, it's hard for us. 

And Denise's choice at the end... Honey, I was telling you NO!  You should have listened!  Bad.  Idea. 

Oh, and did anyone notice that the guy playing Joan's replacement (dare I think he might be the "new Lenore" character that we can all hate with wild abandon?) looked an awful lot like the guy that played Glenn in The Wedding Singer?    Which is okay, because it just makes it easier for me to dislike him.    But I did keep expecting him to drive away from headquarters in a DeLorian.  I didn't see him listed on the IMDB page, or Army Wives credited on his page, so if someone has the inside scoop on this character I'd love to hear it!

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