Part II: Do you feel "left behind?"


I must apologize.  When I wrote my original post about feeling left behind I had every intention in the world to write a follow-up post within a few days (as I kindly wrote in my first post).  But, alas... I was once again swept up by my life and have done "mental head-slaps" when I think about writing this follow-up post while I am at work, or nowhere near a computer.  So here goes... (FYI - you may want to read the original post in order to know what the heck this one means).

I had many different responses to the question "Do you feel 'left behind' when your spouse is deployed/TDY?" I knew the responses would differ, all of which have very valid reasons for said feelings.  So here's why I asked:

I was asked to sit on a panel regarding service member and family member views of how the media/movies represent the military.  And I had LOTS to say, but this post is not to complain about the media/movies or anything else.  It is simply about my perspective, in a general sense.

I have had numerous personal conversations and have heard this said on the news, talk shows, etc.  "So, your spouse is deployed and you are left behind to take care of everything yourself."  It makes my skin crawl when I hear this.  The short version of my point to all of this (without getting into emotions and "political" junk) is the following:

When my husband deploys/goes TDY (as he is right now - TDY - for the summer), I do not feel left behind.  My husband is doing his job.  It just so happens that his job takes him across the country or to foreign lands for unknown periods of time.  So maybe I don't exactly like that all the time, but... it IS his job.

Now, when I go to work I drive about 10 minutes away and I come home every day.  MY job only requires that of me - I don't have to travel.

So why is it that my husband "leaves me behind" when he goes to work, but I don't leave him or my kids "behind" when I go to work? 

Any thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas, etc?  Please comment and let us know what you think!

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