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Last week when we talked with Katherine Fugate, creator of Army Wives, we didn't have enough time to get to some suggestions for story lines/plots. But Katherine did say that her goal is to tell your stories and that true stories are appealing to her. Apparently, they read stories sent to them and give them consideration. We told Katherine that we would open a thread at SpouseBUZZ soliciting your ideas for story lines based on your own experiences. So here's your chance to write a script. Who knows, maybe one day you'll see Denise or Pamela or Roxy portraying your story!

Please leave comments (anonymous if you choose) and we'll be sure to pass them on to Katherine. Army Wives is a drama, but it has humor and touches on many aspects of military life - the challenges and the joys. So, feel free to share funny or serious stories.

If you don't have a personal story to share, you can also leave ideas, suggestions for story lines, list topics you would like to see the show address or suggestions for improving the show.

After the jump is a funny story from a real Army wife.

One Army wife came from a very small town where only one person she knew was a military brat. She knew nothing about military culture. When she met her husband during Desert Storm the news was filled with inspirational pieces on supporting our troops and heroism. Her friends told her it was a big deal to marry a hero. They would miss her, but they were excited for her, and curious about military life. They had worked her up into such a frenzy that by the time she moved in with her husband, she was scared to death she would say or do something wrong and she wondered if she would ever fit in (like Roxy).

Only one month after they married, her husband told her they were going to go to Easter brunch on post and there she would meet his battle buddies and their wives. She was very nervous. When she got there, they all sat around a big, round table and she immediately felt like an outsider. She didn't speak their language, or understand many of the things they were talking about. She was the newbie and although the wives were pleasant to her, she still felt awkward.

She was wearing a pink silk suit, the only decent piece of clothing she owned. Her heart was fluttering and let's just say that it wasn't one of those "raise your hands if your Sure" moments. She felt the perspiration gathering under her arms and knew it had to be visible on the soft pink fabric. She excused herself and went to the bathroom only to find large wet spots under both of her arms. She grabbed a stack of those harsh paper towels you find in bathrooms and went into a stall where she took off her top and tried her best to bleed the perspiration from the fabric. It wasn't working fast enough and she couldn't very well stay in the bathroom until it was dry again so she took some of the paper towels and placed them under her suit between her armpits and the top hoping that would stop the flow from transferring to her top.

There was still the issue of the wet spots. That's when she turned to the blower. With nobody else in the bathroom, she punched the button and contorted her body so her armpits, one at a time, could fit under the blower. And someone walked in. Luckily, it wasn't a woman sitting at her table, but she was still humiliated and limped out of the bathroom with her now only slightly soiled underarms and paper towels stuffed inside her suit, hoping that the wife who barged in on her didn't end up being the wife of her husband's superior, or even know her husband, for that matter.

She laughs when she thinks back on that day so long ago when she wondered if she was cut out for this life. Turns out she was.

Too funny! Sounds similar to Roxy's story at the formal, doesn't it? Only a little more humiliating because she didn't spill something, she sweated something. It shows how nerve-racking it can be to try to gain your footing in an unknown world. I'll bet most of us have a story about firsts. First trip to the commissary, first FRG/KV meeting, first move, first social function, and on and on.

I would assume that as new people move onto the post this season, and the next, there would continue to be a focus on the struggle to fit in and how often we build things up to be more stressful than they really are, or need to be.

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