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We previously discussed helping military children have educational opportunities they deserve and the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

More opportunities are available for grades 3-12.

Student Online Achievement Resources (SOAR) Now Available:

The Military Impacted Schools Association is now offering a new program to help ease the transition process for military families. Available for children in grades 3-12, SOAR is an internet-based program designed to help students with math, reading, and language arts. By taking the state learning standards test online, children can identify their strengths and areas needing improvement and receive tutorial help. Once their child is enrolled in the program, parents can monitor progress from anywhere in the world. In addition, parents are provided with resource materials to help their child in areas where they may need additional help.

Learn more about the SOAR program here.

Don't forget to also visit the MCEC website for more educational information, news and resources for your military children.

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