a little dity...

I have come to the realization, that there is no such thing as "a little dity".

This continuing saga of moving has been a little different for us than most of the other military families I know.  As I have mentioned before DH was a Federal employee full time, and a National Guardsman, his new job is full time National Guard.  So the move is not your typical PCS.  Plus, we have had the good fortune of being in our home for 8 years. 

8 years in a home means I have learned to become expert at purging.  It took a while for me to part with things, but  the good news is, I am no longer hanging to to much in the way of material goods that I would have clung to a year ago.  The bad news is I am probably going to end up looking for something longingly only to recall I pitched it in the donation bin.

To make matters more interesting DH has been at his new assignment, while I have been here learning all sorts of new trades. 

I can now paint without painters tape, and have become an expert at cutting in.  This newly acquired skill however took more time to hone than I would have thought.  So the good news is, I am now an expert painter.  The bad news is, I do not want to look at a paint brush for some time. 

My landscaping, and lawnwork skills, are becoming expert level as well.  I have the empty 70 count lawn and leaf bag box to prove it. the good news,  I can rake quickly and efficiently, and the lawn looks well manicured. I have even had neighbors stop and ask for "the lawn persons name".  The bad news is, if  I see a rake, or I might just impale myself on it. 

In home repairs, which was not my strong suit at all, I have learned how to use caulking expertly!  I walked around here with a caulk gun for days, and even thought about fashioning a sequined holster for it.  I was ready to caulk up everything with a gap in the neighborhood.  Once again the bad news is, if I see a caulk gun, I might caulk my eyes shut. 

The biggest accomplishment, for me, which may seem small, was the cordless drill.  I have always just depended on a screwdriver and a hammer. The cordless drill was intimidating, don't ask why I have no idea.   Well when I mastered the drill I wanted to drill all day.  Heck I repaired a storm door, and replaced some hardware on the gate.  I found myself  wanting  to tighten every loose screw I saw.  The bads news here is, I never did get tired of the drill, and cannot wait to drill the furniture to the floor in the new homestead. 

And the crowbar?  Yeah do not get me started on the crowbar. 

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