I Love This Product


I purchased something for myself.  I rarely do that. 

In all honesty - it is really a household item.  But, I know that I will absolutely use it more than anyone else in my household.  Therefore, it is a gift to me!

I purchased the Reversible Electric Grill/Griddle by Wolfgang Puck at Sam's Club a few weekends ago and I could not be more thrilled.  Of course my cooking doesn't look as lovely as the picture!


It is a simple item.  How in the world could I possibly get so excited over something so very simple?  That is super easy to answer.  In most regards, I am a very simple woman.  It truly (and obviously) does not take very much to make me happy. 

I had looked at this type of item over the years, but never purchased one.  Now I keep asking myself - Why did I wait so darn long? 

I broke the box open the morning after my purchase and made blueberry pancakes for the children.  I used it again for lunch when I made Salmon.  Tummies were full and mom was happy.  Even the clean up was simple and quick.

I must admit that I have used it at least five times per week since my purchase.  I am infatuated with a kitchen item!   

This is an item that will continue to get a great deal of use in my household.  Especially for grilling in the winter months when I really do not like to grill outdoors in the cold!  I am very happy with my purchase!

Do you own this product or a similar product?  Do you love it or hate it? 

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