Give Me the Coffee and Leave Me Alone


Don't call my house Sunday.  Don't stop by, don't expect any decent interaction.  I'm not going to shake anyone's hand peacefully during mass. 

I.  Hate.  Daylight Savings.  I hate it the way only someone who has to get up at 5:30 am can hate Daylight Savings.  And for the few days it takes for my body to adjust to going to bed sooner and getting up later, I am in an angry, stomping, slamming, biting sarcasm type of mood.

More than usual, I mean. 

I can easily see that Air Force Family's coffee bill will be doing its annual skyrocket trip.  Thank God for our Flavia machine.

Daylight Savings Time should be a curse word.  One of the really, really, really bad ones. 

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