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Okay, first things first.  I'm so excited about the new uplift and roundness in my butt.  Those stairs are really knocking my rear into shape, and it's NOTICEABLE.  Air Force Guy (who deserves the husband of the year award for noticing work out results) even commented on it - something about "nice heart shape."  Those are the kinds of things that keep me working out and avoiding those deadly foods. 

My goal is to have butt cheeks like biceps by the end of the summer.

Unfortunately, there was one fiasco (well, two, but it was on the same day so I'm trying to minimize here) this week.

Last night AFG and I got a rare night out without kids and we went to eat at an amazing Mexican food restaurant.  I'm a sucker for Mexican food, you know.

I ate the chips.  Yes, I did it.  I ate the FRESH CHIPS and homemade salsa.  Fresh chips, people!  Fresh, made from scratch tortilla chips!  I ask you - who among you could stick to your diet under those circumstances?

I hope my butt doesn't sag from my indulgence.  I'm telling you, the guilt I feel is tremendous.  And it's even worse because I also ate a pieced of mint brownie.  Yes, yes, it was a low sugar recipe I'd made for the #3 daughter's Brownie meeting (I was snack mom this week).  But still, white flour and sugar is just a horrible combination for me.  And I ate it.  And chased it down with chips and salsa.

On the workout side, I managed to add an entire circuit to my workout routine and on the ballet days I added another 20 minute cardio workout.  I don't like the dvd I'm using for that, though, so I'm on the search for another that will do cardio in the same kind of body stretching manner that the ballet workout does. 

A few weeks ago when we talked to InFITnity founder Robert Andres Carvajal, he thought that some of my previous workout gremlins might have been caused by my being bored.  I followed his circuit training and varied workout routine recommendation and the results have been GREAT.  Rather than an undefined aerobics workout every day, I spend three days doing a circuit fitness routine that incorporates "cracked-up" hamster stair laps, push ups, short bursts of crunches, Latin dance, and yoga.  In the next few weeks I plan to add short spurts of kick-boxing, too.  On two days per week I do a ballet conditioning routine followed by twenty minutes of pilates inspired cardio.

I may not look forward to my workouts with the kind of excitement I exhibit over chicken pesto pizza, but I don't dread them.  And never in my life have my workouts passed so quickly.

So, tell me, how has your routine changed since you've been reporting in to Fit Club?  What works for you, and how do you keep from dreading that treadmill?  Report in, people!  We're here for you - for support and to keep you accountable to your fitness goals!

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