Tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio, PTSD part 2

Last week, Joan D' Arc and I were joined by PTSD specialist Dr. Roca for an hour where we discussed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

It is hard to summarize the discussion in brief, but I think Dr. Roca made one thing clear to all of us who participated. 

When your loved one returns from combat, there might be changes.  Some of those may be more apparent than others.  But if your family, is experiencing any changes that are not comfortable for all of those in the house, help is needed and available. 

Sometimes I feel as if those in the military community feel shame in asking for help on all levels, but certainly the mental health of our households should be held in high regard.  We talk a lot here at SpouseBuzz about getting over pride, and asking for help when you need it, even the little things, like  yard work, childcare etc.   So it only seems fitting that in cases where real psychological help is needed one should seek help.

I also realize the stigma involved with our strong, and heroic husbands seeking treatment.

However, we all know that in the end if help is sought, it can prevent a lot of problems.

PTSD does not always shows its face upon arrival home, and may rear its head at any time, in fact it could be years.

Tonight, join us again on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio to discuss PTSD, some of the harder symptoms to discuss, and treatment options.

I continue to believe if we as spouses, and families discuss PTSD on a regular basis, it will remove some of the stigma, and stereotypes associated with  PTSD. 

Join us tonight at SpouseBuzz Talk Radio at 9pm EST to discuss PTSD, and treatment.  We will have the chat room open.  If you cannot join us for the discussion, you may want to leave a question or comment and we will certainly try and address it. 

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