Please tell me - why do I do this?


Why do I keep doing this?  Today I realized that I really, really don't like one of my current volunteer obligations.  I'll keep doing it, because I said I would, and I'll probably do a pretty good job.  It's not a hard job, and I've got the experience, and it will be over in a month.  And it isn't really time consuming.  So what is the problem?

The problem is that I just don't care about this particular job.  There's nothing about it that speaks to me.  It isn't a subject that I feel passionate about, it isn't benefiting any particularly needy or deserving group, and I honestly know that my efforts aren't making any difference in the big picture.  If I quit today, the only negative outcome would be that people would know that I quit.

But quitting isn't really an option. 

For starters, I said I would do the job.  I can't even complain thatI was coerced, for a I walked right up to the chairperson andvolunteered to help.   And though my job is pretty unimportant, othercommittee members would feel let down if I quit.  And that would bewrong.

I should have thought a little longer before I offered myself forthis job.  But sometimes these spur-of-the-moment offers turn intowonderful opportunities, and I would hate to miss a chance to make anew friend, learn a new skill, or do something fantastic.  So I guessthat for now, I need to put on a smile and go out and do my best. 

Maybe next time I will be able to control myself when someone asksfor volunteers.  But don't be surprised if you walk into your nextcommittee meeting and see me there, because there are always new thingsto learn, or new people to meet, or new things to do.  And I have ahard time saying no, even if it is to myself.

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