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The greatest thing about Spousebuzz, is the connectivity it provides to other milspouses going through the same you you are going through.  It is a valuable resource of information.  A place you can go to see if your current situation, and your reaction to circumstances are NORMAL. 

We at SpouseBuzz, will never claim to be experts.  Heck I do not know one military wife who would claim to be an expert. 

So we at SpouseBuzz, think it is not only a great idea for you to connect with one another, but with each other.  We are a community, a neighborhood. 

We thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to some of your cyber-neighbors.  We will also be doing this once or twice a month, so heads up "you may be next"!

So without further ado I want you to go visit Wendy's Tiki Hut!

She takes incredible photos, look through her archives, and is the perfect family historian.  I hope she will save her blog and turn it into a scrapbook for her family as they are sure to appreciate the time and effort she has taken. 

She also manages to keep a positive spin, even on those days where it would be easier to hide under a pile of laundry! 

Her Husband is AF, but they are living on an Army post.  He is also currently away on assignment.  She has been blogging for 3 1/2 years now, and started blogging as a way to keep her DH connected while he was away.

A little about Wendy

Hobbies and interests - I am kind of boring.  I volunteer at theelementary school once a week.  I'm the middle school PTSO president(which I hate. I will never do that again!)  I enjoy runningand reading and scuba diving.  Iwant to learn how to surf.  Uh, what else.... we have 4 kids... I amafraid of the dark.... I am trying to break my Taco Bell addiction...I love LOST...  I hate dusting... I don't know...  Oh, I thought of onemore, I am also a RAV for our squadron.  RAV = Readiness AssitanceVolunteer.  It is kind of like the FRG group.  Basically I keep intouch with a couple of girls whose husbands are deployed and make surethey are doing okay.

Tonight Wendy will join us on SpouseBuzz talk radio, for a brief chat!!  Join us.

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