Wanted: Hungry Single Soldiers


I had a realization the other day that I was in withdrawal and didn't even know it.

There are two single soldiers in my husband's Army course right now, and he invited them over to dinner since they weren't leaving for the holidays.  And I realized how much I miss having adopted single soldiers loitering around the house.

In Germany, we had a single friend who ate at our house all the time.  He and my husband got along swimmingly, and the three of us grew tight.  When both of them were deployed, I played mother to our friend too, sending him the care packages he needed and writing him letters so he'd get mail.  I babysat his car while he was deployed and came to his Welcome Home ceremony when he got back, bringing his car and lots of beers for him to enjoy.

He PCSed after the deployment, and we both missed having him around.  But I don't think I realized how much I missed mothering him until my husband invited these two new guys to our house last week.  I hope we can get them to come over again and hang out, so I can feed them and bake them cookies.

Those new guys better watch out -- I'll smother them if they're not careful!

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