Sometimes I'm not very nice


A few weeks ago DH was getting ready to leave yet AGAIN for about 5 days.  He hasn't deployed since he was wounded, thank goodness, but he is gone A LOT in the fall.  This one particular trip was not work related for him and I guess I was a bit jealous that he got to go somewhere and have fun and I was "stuck" at home doing, well, everything else.

So before I left for work that morning I gave DH a hug and whispered to him, "Make sure you clean up all your crap before you leave.  I don't want to have to stare at it for the next 5 days."

DH's reply: "Great.  The last thing you say to me before I leave and you are nagging me."

I took a DEEP breath, counted to 10-ish and simply said, "I love you."  Then I left for work.

When I came home that afternoon I found this on my bathroom mirror:


My first thought: "Boy was I a jerk this morning.  DH is soooooo sweet!!!"

Second thought: "What the heck did he use to write that on the mirror?" (he used my lipgloss)

Third thought: "I hope I can get it OFF the mirror (eventually)."

Fourth thought: "I miss DH."

It's all about the little things...

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