I wanna go!


SpouseBuzz Live 3 is this coming Saturday, December 1st. And I wanna go! However such is the life of a military wife.

There are times when it is not in the cards.

I was thrilled to find out last night that Santa came early this year!

Snychronicity LIVE will be covering the event!! Hooooray. This means all of us can attend the event, and interract in the live chat. We will all be able to participate in this community event.

Last night Andi and I spoke with founder Aric Berquist, on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio, and once again we ae thrilled with the technology that makes connecting with other military spouses EASY, and painless.

I would love for those of you that are going to be virtually attending to run over to Aric's place and thank him, as this is an amazing service. Also note they really wanted to do something to help the military community and gladly found their niche!

Thank you to the folks at Snychronicity Live.

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