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I am starting to compile addresses for my Christmas card list. I liketo try to get started on them early so I can have them out in the mailin early December. Sometimes that is unrealistic (like last year) andsometimes it's not. This year, I should be able to do it.

AsI work on the list, I realize that in front of me sits a testament tohow rich my life as a military spouse truly is. I have friends (andfamily) in all corners of the earth. Literally. Left coast, midwest,Alaska, east coast, Europe, Asia,medium-sized-turd-in-the-middle-of-the-Pacific-ocean, middle east...youname it and I probably need to send a Christmas card there.

AndI love that. I do not know that there is another lifestyle out therethat could afford me such richness. And I DO see my life as incrediblyrich. I am blessed by the fact that, pretty much no matter where I go, I will know someone in that area. I am heading to North Carolina in a few days for SpouseBUZZ Liveand I am looking forward to not only seeing family members but also afew friends that I've been missing. And, of course, my SpouseBUZZcohorts and new friends I have yet to meet (maybe even more addresses to add to my card list!).

When we go back to SoCal for Christmas, not onlywill we be able to spend time with family but I'm hoping to be able tohook up with a few friends in the area as well. And not just thefriends I have from my childhood but friends I've made via "thisblogging thing" and via my life as a military spouse as well. What arich life. I am incredibly thankful for it.

Sometimes the Christmas cards I send come back to me. The recipient hasmoved. In our world, that means they have PCS'd. Which means it's timeto try to track them down and find out what they are up to and, ofcourse, what their new mailing address is. Time to catch up onlife, on kids and family, on jobs, on everything. No other time of theyear throws that opportunity at us quite like the holiday season.

Time to get back to the list!

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