Creating Personal Back-to-School Style


Today’s student is all about putting their personal stamp on everything they do.  No longer content with blending in, teens and tweens have a wide variety of ways to tailor their rooms, clothing, electronics, school supplies, social media, and more to meet their personal preferences. The internet has created new access to customized and personalized products at affordable prices.  Many of these items can be produced and shipped within a week of ordering. 

With back-to-school around the corner, this might be the perfect time to explore the options online for customized clothing. One online retailer, gives shoppers the ability to customize millions of clothing and accessory products featuring their schools mascot and colors.  Shoppers can select their favorite design and then personalize their shirt, hoodie, or backpack with their sport, graduation year, or player number. The company produces each order individually and ships the completed product in 5 days. 

Maggie Fogel, Director of Client Services, explains. “We like to call it the WOW factor.  When customers visit our site, they are surprised to see the large variety of customizable products and all the ways they can make it their own.”  The company is prepped for Back-to-School orders, and Fogel encourages interested parents to visit the website with their children.  “We find parents have just as much fun creating their customized apparel as the students."  Now that sounds like Back-to-School shopping made easy.  

So, what’s popular this fall?  Guys headed back to school can be spotted in t-shirts with large graphic designs that really let them show off their personal style. Comfy Zip-up hoodies are the perfect layering piece that can easily transition for cooler evenings at football games. And, the latest trend in headwear is the flat billed, snap back baseball cap. For girls, shirts that have a retro look and feel are in demand -think 80’s throwback styles with wide necks and distressed seams. Students and parents can make it the must-have item for back to school with personal designs that express their unique interests and hobbies. Show Full Article