5 Quick Tips If You're Applying to College


1. Consider the service academiesIf one of your parents has served at least eight years in active duty, you can seek a Presidential Nomination for admission to the five military academies.

2. Appreciate your exceptional experiencesBeing a "military brat" makes you unique. Speak to your guidance counselor to make sure that he understands how unique your academic and social experiences have been. Learn how to differentiate yourself and present your experiences positively by creating a winning activity resume (or Brag Sheet). You can find real samples and step-by-step instructions at ApplyWise.com.

Moving from one community to another may be a blessing in disguise! Find ways to take advantage of new opportunities on and off base.

4. Don't let deployments discourage you from engaging your parentsWhile you may feel that you are researching colleges independently, don't feel that you have do it alone. Use technology (e-mail, SKYPE, ApplyWise.com) to keep your parents in the loop, even if you aren't all in the same place.

5. Talk to your parents about your college researchYour parents want to be involved. Let them hear your thoughts about which colleges meet your needs.

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If you haven't enrolled in classes, the best way to start is to find Military-Friendly schools that will work around your schedule. Search for schools that offer: online degree programs, flexible schedules, military tuition discounts and scholarships. Request information from Military-Friendly Schools today.

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