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Subject:    MCBUL IIIOI. Family Member Employment from Government Quarters

A. MCO 11101.61A


1. Paragraph 5D (6) of Reference (A) stipulates that no commercial activities will be conducted from public quarters. This message changes that policy.

2. Effective immediately family member employment from government quarters will be allowed with the following provisions.

a. Requests for permission to conduct a home enterprise such as child care, tailoring, tax preparation, dressmaking, etc., in military family housing should be made in writing to the installation commander or designee who should ensure that each request is expeditiously answered in writing. Such issues as local government licensing requirements, potential government liability, overseas Status of Forces Agreements, host country business practices, and prospective advertising practices should be taken into account as each request is considered. In no case will activities be authorized or continued at the expense of military community tranquillity or safety.

b. When practicable and feasible, commanders should allow occupants to make minor modifications to housing units at the occupant's personal expense. Any request to perform minor modifications must be approved by the installation commander. The occupant should be advised that they will be required to return the house to its original condition prior to vacating quarters. Utility costs associated with home enterprises should be recouped then such collections are cost effective.

c. The provisions of current directives for standard of conduct concerning solicited sales to personnel juniors in rank or grade apply. Authorization of family member employment in government quarters should be conditioned upon agreement by the family member to comply with these provisions and regulations prohibiting solicited sales to subordinates. Home businesses should be restricted to the sale of merchandise and the provision of service that is not normally available in a commercial retail environment, i.e., Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, and other personalized services. In other words home businesses should not duplicate the sale of rchandise and service readily available through the installation's officially sanctioned commerce.

d. It is the responsibility of the occupant of government family housin to have an approved request before soliciting withina family housing area or conducting a private business to include children day care activates in a family housing unit or area. In all cases, the conduct of a private business in government family housing units or areas must be in strict compliance with applicable federal, state, and local ordinances. CMC Message ALMAR 115/87 200125Z MAY 87

Changes to DoD Directive 1344.7 issued in April 1987, permit advertising addresses or telephone numbers of commercial sales activities conducted in military housing. Consult installation commanding officers and housing manuals for regulations pertaining to commercial solicitations.

Consult installation commanding officers and housing manuals for regulations pertaining to commercial solicitations.

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