Air Force Policy on Home Based Business in Military Housing

Commercial Activities From Family Housing (Housing Manual Chapter 15)

15-1. Basic Concept. It is Air Force policy to promote and encourage limited commercial activities which may be properly carried out from military family quarters. Commercial activities are defined as business enterprises conducted for profit by a family member(s) assigned to the dwelling unit.

a. Activities may involve direct sales of products; offering of minor repair service on small items, or incidental services; limited manufacture of items, or tutoring services.

b. Sales of specific brand name merchandise not available to exchange patrons through the military exchanges should not be construed to be competing with an installation's officially sanctioned commerce.

15-2. Applicability. This regulation applies to all personnel, civilian or military, assigned to military family housing, including family members of the assigned sponsor.

15-3. Procedures. Requests for permission to conduct commercial activities in assigned family housing must be in writing and have the prior written approval of the installation commander or designee. Requests should be addressed to the commander through the individual's organization and the Family Housing Management Branch. Applicants will be given written notice of denials.

15-4. Limitations.

a. In no case will commercial activities be authorized or continued at the expense of community tranquillity, safety or the installation mission.

b. Issues of local government licensing requirements, agreement, host country business practices and prospective advertising-will be taken into account as each request is considered. Obtaining necessary licenses, etc., will be the responsibility of the applicant.

c. Child care from family quarters is a separate matter and governed by AFR 215-27.

d. Minor modifications to family quarters to permit commercial activates may be requested. If approved, modifications will be at occupant expense and must follow self-help guidelines in chapter 21, and must comply with electrical and fire safety codes.

15-5. Charges. Utility costs associated with home enterprises will be recouped when such collections are cost effective. Cost effectiveness will be determined by the local base civil engineer.

15-6. Solicitation and Liability:

a. Solicitations. The provisions of DOD Directive 5500.7, Standards of Conduct, concerning solicited sales to personnel junior in rank or grade apply. Authorization of family member employment in government quarters should be conditioned upon agreement by the family member to comply with the provisions of DOD Directive 5500.7 and Service regulations prohibiting solicited sales to subordinates.

b. Prohibition. The prohibition of DOD Directive 1344.7, Personal Commercial Solicitation on DOD Installations, section F, paragraph 4m, against door-to-door solicitation (in person or via printed material ) also applies.

c. Liability. Personal liability is a definite possibility when conducting a private business. Accordingly, applicants should consider obtaining personal liability insurance which will apply to legal actions brought by customers as well as covering the applicant for damage to government property. AFR 90-1(CI) 27 February 1987

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