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Reference Guide for Military Services

In response to the lack of information about resources available to military families, the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy has put together a guide that summarizes the resources available to military servicemembers and their families.  While the guide was written for the use of family court judges, the information contained within can help anyone who ever provides support to military families.

Military families are subject to all the  challenges of regular life, plus some additional stressors that come from the military lifestyle.  The Department of Defense and the individual services have put together a great collection of resources to help families deal with the issues of life.  Unfortunately, sometimes the people who need these resources don't know about them.  An informed friend or family member can help by pointing a struggling family in the direction of people and programs put together to provide assistance.

Subject discussed in the guide include:

  • family counseling,
  • medical counseling,
  • non-medical counseling,
  • child care,
  • financial counseling,
  • relief society services,
  • child and youth programs,
  • legal assistance, and
  • new parent support.
If you know anyone in the military, it would be helpful to read this guide.  Then, if your friend or family member needs resources, you can give them suggestions.  So many little issues don't have to become big problems if they are addressed early.  Help be part of the solution. Show Full Article

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