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Dual Military & Not Co-Located: BAH


One of the surprise hits here at The Paycheck Chronicles has been the post on Dual Military Basic Allowance for Housing.  I had no idea how often people would search for that topic!  From that post, there has been one question that has been asked over and over:  what if we are dual military and no stationed together?  Fortunately, there is a relatively simple answer for 99% of the situation.  (We are talking about the military here.  I can't imagine a rule that doesn't have an exception of some sort.)

Dual military couples, without other dependents,  who are not stationed together are generally treated as single soldiers/sailors/Marines/airmen for the purposes of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).  Therefore, if your command authorizes single service members of your rank to receive BAH, then you should be authorized BAH.  If your command does not authorize single service members of your rank to receive BAH, then you are not authorized BAH solely because you are married.

That said, service members may always request authorization for BAH from their command.  The command may have its own guidelines on when it will or will not authorize BAH.

Many people ask about claiming Geographical Bachelor status.  To the best of my knowledge, the military no longer recognizes Geographical Bachelor as an actual housing or entitlement status.

For more detailed information on this subject, you can look at the Department of Defense BAH Frequently Asked Questions page at   The other good resource is the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Volume I, Chapter 10, Part C:

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