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NMFA Financial Counselor Fellowship


The time has come to submit applications for the National Military Family Association's Financial Counselor Fellowship program.  This amazing program is a collaboration between NMFA, the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE®), and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.  Officially called the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Accredited Financial Counselor® Fellowship, this program provides up to 200 military spouses with the education necessary to enter the financial counseling career field.

From the website:

"The fellowship covers the costs associated with completing the Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) training and the first two attempts at both exams. Upon successful completion of the program and required practicum, the participant will be awarded the Accredited Financial Counselor® designation from AFCPE®.

Many employers such as credit unions, financial aid offices, and community housing agencies need well-trained, ethical and caring financial counselors to meet the increasing demand for financial counseling services. Military spouses can fill this need while building a rewarding career that is flexible to the demands of the military family lifestyle.

The program will be open for applications from March 1, 2010 to April 15, 2010."

I think this is an amazing opportunity for military spouses who are interested in financial education.  The feature that particularly excites me is the reduced practicum hours.  The regular program requires 1000 practicum hours.  I must not be very imaginative because I can't even imagine who would let a novice do 1000 hours of practice with them.  That fear is the main reason I haven't just taken the classes outside of the program.  However, within this Fellowship program, there is a requirement of only 400 practicum hours, and they help you find the places to get the hours.

I've applied every year (I think it has been three, or maybe four) and I haven't been selected yet.  While I'm keeping my fingers crossed for myself, I'll be keeping them crossed for you, too.

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