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Free SAT-ACT Prep Software

I had heard about this before, but a tip from Love My Tanker at SpouseBUZZ reminded me:  Free SAT and ACT test preparation software is available to military members and their families.  This program is offered by a group of NFL football players and the company, eKnowledge.  The Standard ACT and SAT programs are offered for free, and the Premium programs are offered at a substantial discount.  Also, all the extra programs, including LSAT review, are offered at half price.  The customer will pay the shipping and handling, which is pretty expensive:  $14 for each ACT or SAT program ordered.

If you are in the market for ACT or SAT preparation software, this might be a great deal for you.

A more complete explanation of the offer is available at MilitaryHOMEFRONT.

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