Rare 'Star Trek' Phaser Sells for $231,000


A rare "Star Trek" phaser rifle prop from the original television series was sold for $231,000 at an auction in Los Angeles, officials said.

The prop, which was sold at an auction conducted by Julien's Auctions, was used by William Shatner's Captain Kirk in just one "Star Trek" episode, titled "Where No Man Has Gone Before," The Hollywood Reporter said.

That episode was shot as a pilot, but was the third episode of the series, airing on Sept. 22, 1966.

This was the second highest price paid for an original prop used on "Star Trek"; the highest being the $304,750 a collector paid for the captain's chair in 2008.

In 2006, someone paid $576,000 for a miniature special effects model of the enterprise from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

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