TV Show About Norfolk Moving Forward

"Norfolk" isn't going to get its big Hollywood moment. But the prospective TV show that at one time was named after our Navy-loving town looks more and more like a project running toward a green light.

Now working under the title "Company Town," the show focusing on the lives of people living on and around a naval base in Virginia has cast Gage Golightly (from "Teen Wolf," the MTV series, not the '80s movie) as a lead actress, according to

The reports said this is just for the taping of a pilot -- an initial episode used to tease networks into buying the whole series -- for the CW network.

But Deadline reports also reveal a little more detail about the show, which "chronicles the aftermath of a scandal at a Naval base in Virginia, which touches the lives of both civilians and military personnel in the area." It will focus on the lives of two women in their 20s who are former best friends now struggling with the divide between townies and the military.

Again, "Company Town" is a long way from being a verified series for CW, but the buzz suggests it has some promise of putting Virginia, and maybe Norfolk, in the center of a TV show.

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