'Paradogs' Did Jumps With British WWII Battalion


The author of a book about a British parachute battalion during World War II said his research found dogs were trained to parachute with the soldiers.

Andrew Woolhouse, author of the book, "13 -- Lucky For Some," said his research into the 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion discovered Lance Cpl. Ken Bailey had been ordered to train the "paradogs" to parachute into Normandy for the D-Day landings, the Liverpool Echo reported Tuesday.

"Lance Cpl. Bailey was asked by his commanding officer about the possibility of parachuting dogs," Woolhouse said. "I think he had a veterinary background, which was why he was chosen."

Woolhouse said the dogs were used as the "eyes and ears" of soldiers on the ground and would alert them to noises.

The author said Bing, an Alsatian collie cross, was rescued from a tree when he parachuted into Normandy alongside the battalion. Bing and fellow canine Monty took a second parachute jump as part of a mission in Germany several months later.

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