Beatles to Release Rare, Unheard Sessions


The Beatles are releasing session tapes from their debut album "Please Please Me" in order to stop their copyright protection from expiring, Apple records said.

European Union law gives copyright protection to songs for 70 years after they are recorded unless they don't get an official release, the BBC reported. If unreleased, the copyright only lasts 50 years, meaning previously unreleased session tapes from The Beatles' 1963 debut album would fall out of protection at the end of the year.

Should Apple records not publish the 59 rare and unheard recordings by then, another record company could do so and profit from them, the BBC said.

The new collection includes four alternate takes of "She Loves You," five of "A Taste of Honey" and three of "There's A Place." There are also demos of two songs the group gave to other artists.

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