Bill Wyman Touched by Stones Documentary


Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman said in London he was happy to see the late Brian Jones featured in a documentary about the band he helped launch.

Wyman, 75, joined his one-time mates at the premiere of "Crossfire Hurricane" this week and told the red-carpet media he was glad Jones, who drowned in his swimming pool in 1969, was not left out.

"I'm glad he's remembered," said Wyman, who left the Stones in the early 1990s. "That's the most important thing."

Jones was a founder of the group in the 1960s but was often at odds with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and struggled with substance abuse until his untimely death.

Wyman said he wasn't planning to appear with the band on its upcoming tour, which The Daily Telegraph said was still coming together in terms of dates.

The band's limited schedule will likely be expanded to other venues in Europe and North America, the British newspaper said, because the current lineup appears ready and eager to hit the road.

"Once this wheel is turning I don't think it will be able to stop ... . We won't be able to stop," predicted guitarist Ronnie Wood.

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