Ron Paul Effect Boosts Kelly Clarkson CD


It's not known how Kelly Clarkson's endorsement will help Ron Paul's U.S. presidential campaign, but said it seems to be helping her record sales.

The online retailer said sales of Clarkson's CD "Stronger" perked up after the singer voiced support for Paul's campaign earlier this week.

Amazon said sales of "Stronger" surged 200 percent in the 72 hours after Clarkson said on Twitter she was impressed with Paul and would vote for him. The spike lifted the album from No. 41 on Amazon's sales rankings to No. 13.

The Hollywood Reporter said Clarkson's tweet didn't impress everyone. There were a number of responses chastising her for her support of a candidate some saw as tolerating homophobia.

Clarkson's response was to remind fans disagreeing with someone doesn't justify attacking them.

"Being hateful is not a healthy way to get people to see or hear you," she tweeted back.



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