Movie Review: 'Evidence'


Part "CSI," part found-footage horror film, "Evidence" is a well-made thriller with its fair share of suspense and mild scares.

Stephen Moyer ("True Blood") and Radha Mitchell ("Olympus Has Fallen") are Reese and Burquez, Las Vegas detectives looking into a mass murder that took place at the site of a bus crash in the desert. Reese is a forensic expert in terms of video images, and that's just as well since all they have to go on is the video from cameras and cellphones found at the scene.

Is the killer one of the passengers? Did one of them have enemies? Or is there some stranger wandering in the desert on a hunting spree? Director Olatunde Osunsanmi ("The Fourth Kind") keeps things moving quickly and, for the most part, refrains from getting too grisly. While the entire found-footage concept may be played out, "Evidence" is an intriguing twist on a predictable formula.



3 stars (out of 5)

Unrated (violence, strong language); 93 min.

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