Movie Review: 'Blood'

A police procedural where the procedure goes horrendously wrong, "Blood" is a low-key, well-acted drama that neither surprises nor disappoints. It stakes out a solid middle ground and is held together by a strong cast and a keen director's eye.

Paul Bettany ("The Young Victoria," "Priest") and Stephen Graham ("Boardwalk Empire") are Joe and Chrissie, brothers and cops in a small, windswept British town where a young girl is found brutally murdered. They live and work in the shadow of their former head detective father (Brian Cox, "Coriolanus"), who's retired and now suffers from dementia.

When the main suspect, Jason (Ben Crompton, "Game of Thrones"), goes free, an enraged Joe murders him, with his brother and dad as witnesses. On top of that, one of his fellow cops, played by the always reliable Mark Strong ("Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," "Zero Dark Thirty"), seems to know that something's awry.

Will the family _ where the sons seem to be afflicted with all sorts of daddy issues _ come together to cover up the crime or will they continue to unravel?

Written by Bill Gallagher and directed by Nick Murphy ("The Awakening") in shades of gray and blue, and black, reflecting both the countryside and the characters' emotional state, "Blood" manages to conjure up an intriguingly moody atmosphere. Even if you can predict where it's going, it's a mostly compelling journey.



3 out of 5 stars

Unrated (violence, sexual themes); 92 min.

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