DiCaprio Says On-Screen Violence Doesn't Deter Him


SEOUL, South Korea - Leonardo DiCaprio says filming violent scenes like in "Django Unchained" doesn't deter him from wanting his movies to be great art.

The bloody revenge film about slavery before the U.S. Civil War has fueled some of the debate about whether Hollywood shows too much on-screen violence. DiCaprio portrays a ruthless plantation owner encountered by a freed slave and bounty hunter (Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz).

DiCaprio told reporters in South Korea on Thursday, "My philosophy has kind of always been the same: Pain is temporary, film is forever."

If he gives his films all the focus he can and the elements come together correctly, "you come out with a great piece of art."

The actor said it was his first visit to South Korea. "Django Unchained" opens there March 21.

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